-Drawer Boxes

Drawer Slides

1.  Open packs, separate 2 pieces.

2.  Use jig to place drawer slide flush with bottom left side of drawer box and flush with front, with “stop” toward front.

3.  Use small drill and small screws to screw 3 screws per drawer slide. Use holes: front: middle hole centered vertically; middle: middle hole centered vertically; back: last hole centered vertically.

4.  Do right side.


Drawer Fronts

1.  Screw template/jig into work table with 2 screws.

2.  Place routed drawer front upside down into top right corner of jig.

3.  Place drawer box (with drawer slides finished) with front face down bottom of drawer toward top.

4.  Swap out Phillips drill bit for square drill bit.

5.  Screw in 2 1” square screws into drawer about 2” from each side, centered vertically.

6.  Reverse and unscrew when drawer gets lifted.  Rescrew.

7.  Reverse and unscrew when drawer has gap.  Rescrew till flush.


Assembling Drawers

1.  Get drawer opening info. from printout:

First column – Drawer Box: height = left column; width = 2nd number x depth = 3rd number.

Second column – Drawer Box List – actual height of parts.

Third column – Ends – front & back measurements

Fourth column – Bottom.

2.  The 2 ends go on the outside.  Pick the pretty side of short boards for inside of drawer.

3.  The 2 sides and front have groove built in.

4.  Build box upside down: groove on inside towards top.

5.  Glue bead (glue below groove only) onto sides where they will staple into front and back.

6.  Hold everything flush staple 3 x into sides (don’t let the back go into the groove).

7.  Staple all sides – shoot staples below groove.

8.  Stand drawer box up.

9.  Slide bottom panel into groove (drawer # facing out – won’t be seen).

10. Hammer panel in flush.

11. Staple back edge of panel into drawer box.

12. Unhook air hose and hook up sander.  Sand.

13. Make sure the front top is flush and ready for drawer front.

14. Unhook air hose and hook up stapler.  Staple.