-Hinge Machine

Hinge Machine

1.  Take any doors off of cart that don’t need hinges (dummy doors for sound cabinet, etc. – ask Javier).

2.  Ask Javier to mark side of door where hinge goes (usually long side; left/right doesn’t matter since door can be flipped).

3.  Vacuum the work station with large black hose from big Grizzly dust collector (if overflowing).

4.  Connect long dust collection hose from back of machine to dust catcher.  Turn on dust catcher.

5.  Turn on hinge machine’s big power knob at top.

6.  Place door face down with hinge side along back.

7.  There are 2 black plastic door stops near the middle of the back.  Line up door against stop on right.

8.  Push and hold down “drill/press stroke” button – drops suction cups down and drills holes for hinge.

9.  Insert hinge (looks like space shuttle) into front of machine with 2 gray eyes on top sticking out towards you.

10. Push handle down towards machine- places hinge over holes.

11. Push and hold “drill/press stroke” button again until hinge is inserted in holes.

12. Lift handle back up.

13. Release suction with “hold down clamps” button with arrow.

14. Move door to other side & line up with right guide.

15 Repeat for second hinge.