RBC: Shaper

1.  Get doors as they come off of CNC router (Jared).  Stack on cart then bring to shaper.

2.  First sand edges of doors (top, bottom, and sides) on Flavio’s desk (CNC leaves edges rough).

3.  Turn on machine under table top.

4.  Hook up and turn on dust collection  machine.

5.  Put door face down.  Push door against back wall , slide to right- machine will grab it. Put more pressure towards the end if it’s cutting crooked.

6.  Repeat for other 3 sides of door.

7.  For drawers, run 2 skinny drawer sides together- hold them together tight.  Use one door to push the other.  It’s okay if a door gets run twice, it won’t cut the second time.

8.  Place doors back on cart and bring to hinge machine, except for any dummy doors that don’t need hinges.