Frequently Asked

1.  Do you give free estimates?  We do give free in-shop estimates.  We ask that you schedule an appointment to come in to sit down with us and bring us a plan or drawing of your room including wall-to-wall measurements, ceiling heights, and location of existing windows, sink, refrigerator, etc.  One of our design experts will go over your information with you and give you an estimate within the next few days.  If you agree to the estimate, then we will come out and measure your house and start the process.


2.  Do I need an appointment?  Yes!  Because we’re often out of the office, measuring and installing on-site, meeting with clients, designing, and custom building the cabinets, an appointment is necessary.  You are welcome to drop off blueprints or kitchen drawings at any time with our employees, but when you are ready to discuss your cabinet needs in detail with one of our professional cabinet designers, we will need to set aside a time in advance to give you the personal attention you deserve.


3.  How far in advance should I call you?   You will need to meet with us 8 to 12 weeks before your sheetrock stage, so that we can go over your design, get your approval and down payment, then put you in line to start custom building your cabinets.  Your cabinets should be ready to install by the time you get your sheetrock, keeping your project on schedule.  Under normal circumstances, our wait time usually runs about 4 weeks, but after floods or other natural disasters it can be up to 4 months.


4.  Are countertops and finish included in the cabinet price?  In our area, countertops and finish (stain or paint) do not come standard with cabinet construction.  We will have your cabinets ready for the countertops of your choice.  We will build your tops differently depending on whether you choose granite, tile, or  formica, as the final heights and materials are different for each type.  After we build the cabinets, we can recommend excellent subcontractors for your actual countertops, finishing, and faux finishing needs.


5.  Are there options to help me stay within my budget?  We can work with you to help meet your needs, according to your budget.  There are many options in cabinet materials, door and drawer styles, shelving, hinges, and drawer slides that can reduce your pricing.  When we meet with you initially, feel free to ask for suggestions.


6.  Where can I get information on doors, drawers, hardware, accessories, etc.?  Click on one of the links to specific pages above for information for  your project, or check out our Links tab above for links to manufacturers.


7. Can you reface just the doors and drawers of my old cabinets?  It depends on the condition of your cabinets and the quality of material they were built with.  For example, if the insides of your cabinets are not solid wood, but are made of particle board, they will not support the weight of our new hinges and solid wood doors.  If your drawers don’t have drawer slides but are sitting on a wooden rail, they may or may not be able to handle the weight of new drawers.  If they are able to support them, there would be additional charges to retrofit your cabinets with drawer slides for the new drawers.


8.  Do you do small jobs or repairs? In the past we have tried to work in small jobs (build one drawer, replace one burned or flooded cabinet, etc.), however we are currently struggling to keep up with the demand from contractors and homeowners who have already been waiting in line to have their cabinets custom-built, especially after the flood of 2016.  Therefore, at this time we are deferring those types of work to other contractors who specialize in those areas.